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The Red Rock Lake Association has been making an impact at Lake Red Rock in Iowa for decades. Lake Red Rock is a one-of-a-kind resource that provides a great lifestyle for area families, is a fun attraction for visitors and assists in growing local economies.

Scenic View of BluffsEagle from eagle days

Love the Lake

  • Be "in the know" on lake area happenings
  • Improve Red Rock's recreation
  • Promote Red Rock's natural resources

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Current Projects

Hickory Ridge

"The vision for the Hickory Ridge Primitive Recreation Area mirrors that of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation's vision of protecting Iowa's natural lands, restoring natural areas to create corridors or "complexes of protected lands", and connecting people "to a diverse landscape, valuing the importance of healthy land, water and wildlife for their environment, economy and quality of life.""

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Here are a few of the past projects making a difference at Lake Red Rock today!